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ICT and Ehealth use

Access to and use of ICT by European General Practitioners


Today, almost all General Practitioner practices (87%) in the European Union use a computer. There is a tendency towards larger practices being better equipped — 93% using computers — than smaller ones — 84%. There remain 13% of practices that are currently without any computers and are therefore cut off from the benefits eHealth has to offer. In some countries, the share of practices using a computer is lower: 65% in Malta and Romania or 57% in Latvia.
When it comes to Internet use, 69% of the EU27 GP practices currently have an Internet connection. Internet use varies according to the size of the practice, with use rates ranging from 61% among single GP practices to 81% among practices of four or more GPs. While there are singular Member States where the Internet is used in all or nearly all practices under observation — Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland — there are also several Member States where less than 50% use the Internet (Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia).
Broadband connections have clearly arrived on the scene and are used by nearly half of the EU27 GP practices (48%). There are considerable differences between the countries, with broadband penetration ranging from 93% in Finland to 5% in Romania.

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Use of Computers in European GP practices

Access to the Internet in European GP practices

Access to broadband in European EU practices

Source : empirica:ICT and eHealth use among GPs in Europe 2007, Bonn April 2008